Padirac, caves and chasms

The limestone plateaus of the Causse stood at the birth of a magical underground world, a treasure trove of endless caves with breathtaking concretions and prehistoric drawings.

Water creates a magical spectacle on the chalk plateaus of the Causse, with its little streams that suddenly appear, its rivers forming underground lakes and its weirdly shaped concretions.

Gouffre de Padirac

Descend into the womb of the earth to a depth of 103 meters and embark on a on a magical boat journey along the underground river to explore the majestic limestone galleries and a succession of amazing rock formations that will take your breath away.

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Grottes de Lacave

Visitors enter the caves in a small train which takes them to magnificent underground halls where stalactites and stalagmites are mirrored in the lakes. Here you can also admire the famous “Salle de Merveilles” (Hall of Wonders), an immense gallery of 2000 m2.

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Grottes de Presque

An uninterrupted suite of limestone rock formations in all kinds of shapes and colours, with stalagmites reaching heights of 8 to 10 metres.

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The Prehistoric Grotte des Merveilles

People have inhabited the Dordogne Valley for thousands of years. At Rocamadour you will find traces of their presence in this “Cave of Marvels”, decorated with prehistoric drawings which were made over 20 000 years ago.

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Grottes de Cougnac

Here you can admire remarkable prehistoric paintings, including the oldest figurative drawings open to the public.

Re-emerging rivers and chasms for walking

Starting from Rocamadour, you can explore the Chasm of Cabouy, the valleys of the Ouysse and the Alzou, as well as the turquoise waters of the re-emerging river Ouysse at the source of Saint-Sauveur.

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