Secret Ségala - 67 KM

These final foothills of the Massif Central are irrigated by small streams and first class rivers, an angler’s paradise.

Expect to discover the unexpected: the Arts trail at Latouille-Lentillac – a woodland walk, lined with art works, the chapel of Notre-Dame de Verdale, nestled at the foot of a rock, deep in the forest, open in July and August… From Sousceyrac, praised by Pierre Benoît in his novel “Le déjeuner de Sousceyrac” (The lunch of Sousceyrac), you will discover the last lauze-stone roofs of Lamativie, and go back down via Teyssieu and its fortified tower. Before going back to the plain, visit one of the smallest “vignobles” of France, Vin de Glanes. This frequently awarded vin de pays will delight your taste buds and light up your meal. 

Details of the route

  • SAINT-CÉRÉ / Place du Mercadial, old quarters - Atelier- Museum Jean Lurçat at St Laurent Les Tours.
  • FRAYSSINHES / Rural heritage, charming “maisons paysannes” (peasant houses).
  • SOUSCEYRAC / Beautifully preserved historical centre. Lac du Tolerme nearby.
  • CALVIAC / Village of the haut Ségala. Pendulum well. Continue to the village of Lamativie with traditional lauze roofs.
  • TEYSSIEU / 13th century tower, lauze-stone roofs, stable-barns. Museum of prehistory.
  • ESTAL / Pech de Clédy: the highest point of the canton at 524 m. 19th century church with bell porch. GLANES / Winemaking village, visit and wine tastings at the Cave coopérative des vignerons du Haut Quercy.
  • CORNAC / Artists village – 13th century chapel, church with dome “à l’impériale”.
  • ST MICHEL LOUBÉJOU / Houses with sculleries and pigeonniers (dovecots), stable-barns, bread ovens, vine huts, wash house…
  • Return to St Céré
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