History and Prehistory

  • Forteresse médiévale de Castelnau Bretenoux

  • Peinture rupestre - Grotte des merveilles - Rocamadour

  • Château renaissance de Montal

  • Peinture rupestre - Grotte des merveilles - Rocamadour

With a history going back several millennia, the Dordogne Valley offers a veritable journey through the ages, from its prehistoric caves to its medieval castles.


All along the Dordogne Valley, history has left its traces.


As far back as prehistoric times, man roamed these parts and inhabited the rocky caverns, as can been seen from the magnificent cave paintings and various archeological sites.

Rich historic heritage

As time passed and prehistory made way to history, man left the caves to build monumentsThe villages of the Dordogne Valley have many well preserved medieval and religious buildings, churches and castles.

An amazing site: Rocamadour

The Middle Ages also gave birth to a truly exceptional site, a major pilgrimage town, now a thousand years old: Rocamadour.

As the feudal age came to an end, Renaissance architecture developed, as you can see when you visit château de Montal.

From the Dordogne Valley to the “Valley of Man”, from prehistoric art to modern artists, from medieval architecture to the Renaissance and the Revolution: when you follow the Dordogne river, you also follow the course of history.

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