La Dordogne: The river

  • Canoë en famille sur la Dordogne

  • Baignade dans la Dordogne

  • Canyoning dans un des affluents de la Dordogne

  • Canoë sur la Dordogne

The rivers and the Dordogne Valley offer a wide range of holiday activities, swimming and canoeing, biking, leisure walks or serious rambling and horse riding.

Idyllic playground

The Dordogne Valley, with its river and streams, forms an ideal and idyllic playground for your holidays. Whether you would like to simply relax or prefer a more active holiday, you will thoroughly enjoy everything the river has to offer, including swimming, canoeing and fishing. All along its course from its source in the Massif Central, the Dordogne has sculpted breathtaking landscapes which can be explored by car, by bike or on foot, using the many walking trails.

Re-energizing along the waterfront

All along the river you’ll find many quiet pebble beaches that can easily be accessed by canoe. Find a nature spot under the towering cliffs, carved out of the rocks by the Dordogne: ideal for a family picnic, a swim and those precious moments of total relaxation that will make this an unforgettable outdoor holiday. Lined with waterfront camp sites, the river passes through Beaulieu sur Dordogne from where it majestically continues along the valley towards Souillac before penetrating into the Périgord near Sarlat. The Dordogne receives its clear water from small tributaries like the Alzou and the Cère. At times, the river is lively with small currents, in other places it’s tranquil and perfect for swimming

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