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  • La Vierge Noire - Notre Dame de Rocamadour

In the footsteps of 1000 years of history. From the 11th century onwards, pilgrims from all over Europe made the spiritual journey to Rocamadour, walking all the way.

The famous sanctuary dedicated to the Black Madonna has been the inspiration of one of the most important pilgrimage trails of Western Christianity from as early as the Middle Ages. Amongst the pilgrims: peasants and noblemen, artists and thinkers, saints, sinners and kings, including St Louis, St Dominique, St Bernard, but also Charles IV of France (“the Fair”), explorer Jacques Cartier, composer Francis Poulenc and sœur Emmanuelle.

2013 Rocamadour Jubilee

The Jubilee is a perfect opportunity for the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-de-Rocamadour to give thanks for the miracles performed by the “Black Virgin” amongst the pilgrims. The basilica of the holy town features on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage sites. In this special year, Rocamadour expects to welcome devout Christians, pilgrims on the Way of St James, day trippers and tourists interested in its exceptional cultural and architectural heritage. The Jubilee will also celebrate the fact that the Church of Saint-Sauveur was elevated to basilica by Pope Pius X exactly one hundred years ago, on June 10th 1913.

Events & celebrations throughout the year

In this very special year, Rocamadour will celebrate its 1000 years of history and the centenary of its basilica. To mark this momentous occasion, the sacred city has prepared an impressive Jubilee programme with over 50 events, including:

  • In June: the centenary of the dedication of the Saint-Sauveur Basilica
  • In July:  Gregorian music week with the Paris Gregorian Choir and the Fête de Saint-Jacques (Feast of St. James).
  • In August: the solemn Assumption, a procession by torch light and a festival of sacred music.
  • In September:  Maria Cult Week.
  • Until December: many gatherings and festive events, including the inauguration the Saint-Sauveur Basilica’s new organ.

The Jubilee Programme

More than 1 million visitors are expected for the 2013 Jubilee50 events are programmed between March 25th and December 8th, 2013. A time for reflexion and spiritual quest, to give a sense to our lives.

The Rocamadour Jubilee: 1000 years of pilgrimage and a thousand reasons to visit the sanctuaries, admire the statue of the Black Madonna and discover the sacred city. For the detailed events programme, go to: http://www.rocamadour2013.com/preparez-votre-venue/le-programme

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