The Way of Saint James

Out of the many religious edifices along the “Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle”, as the Way of St James in known in France, there’s one that’s certainly not to be missed: the breath-taking, gravity defying sanctuary of Rocamadour.

Rocamadour... enigmatic pilgrim destination dedicated to the Black MadonnaNotre Dame de Rocamadour

An alternative route of the Via Podensis

Many pilgrims and ramblers like to take the GR6 hiking trail from Figeac to Rocamadour before going back on the main pilgrim’s track to Santiago de Compostela.

A secular pilgrimage

Pilgrims and ramblers not only take this route to obtain the benediction of the Black Madonna, but also to see the amazing sanctuary at the mouth of the “dark” valley of the Alzou. It’s possible to rejoin the Way of St James in the Lot, taking the GR46 long distance trail from Rocamadour to Cahors  and traversing the Causses du Quercy. Or you can get back on the track via Gourdon and Moissac, following first the GR6 and then the GR652.

Pilgrims and hikers who have accomplished at least the last 100 kilometres on foot or 200 km by bike can obtain an official pilgrimage certificate, "La Rocastella" (on request).  For more information, inquire at the Pilgrims’ Office at the Sanctuary square in Rocamadour.

A new route, the “Voie de Rocamadour en Haut Quercy et Limousin” has just been put in place from Bénévent l'Abbaye in the north. It mostly follows the GR46, passing through Martel. People who accomplished the pilgrimage received a special badge, called “La Sportelle” as a souvenir, just like pilgrims reaching Santiago de Compostela were given a St. James shell. 

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