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Experience a night food market like a local. Sample high end local produce, take in the flavours of excellent French cooking and enjoy the special ambience of market dining.  

Night Food Markets

One of many markets in the Dordogne Valley, a Marché Gourmand is a French night food market with a difference. They pop up in fields or on the square of a medieval village, starting late afternoon into the early hours of the following morning. A Marché Gourmand is not just a food market at night, but a unique dining experience. Selecting from a large variety of food stalls, the abundance of local fresh high quality produce is on display – ready to be tasted.

It’s a fun night out to be savoured. The aromas of a plethora of food stands, the excited chatter of kids way past their bedtime, accordion music drifting and intertwining with laughter…

Some melon or Foie Gras to start with? A glass of local beer? Stroll around the food stands and experience life the French way. Pop open some wine ( Coteaux de Glanes or 1001 Pierres are really good) with your main course, don’t forget to try the many cheeses on offer plus dessert before you boogie to some ‘80s classics.

Tables are there to be shared so don’t be shy. You might well improve your French and have fun at the same time…

How they work and where to find one

One of the great pleasures of France, and the Dordogne Valley is no exception, is the vast array of culinary dishes and local produce to drink and eat. Marchés Gourmands differ in their presentation, location and organisation but all follow the same general principles. Whether lit up with night lights under trees or in a village square it’s not just about the food but it’s mostly about the food!

There will be a wide variety of stalls selling local specialities such as duck magret, Rocamadour cheese, walnut salads and of course local reds and artisanal beers. They are sometimes accompanied by stalls selling more exotic foods and you will always find vegetarian options. Most likely you will be seated at long wooden communal tables as the music intermingles with the lovely smell of fresh food being cooked for you on the spot. Be ready for a special dining experience and a real taste of France.