Outside of the main festival in August 2018, two associated events organised by the Rocamadour Festival are taking place in June and October in the Dordogne Valley.

The Gouffre de Padirac Concerts: 21, 22, 23rd June 2018

A sublime subterranean experience can be had when  attending a concert held in the world famous chasm of Padirac- the largest in Europe. The Gouffre de Padirac is already a setting that inspires wonder. But to experience classical music in this setting, 103 metres under the ground is something else.
In 2018 there are three concert dates – and this year’s presentation features an original choral repertoire coordinated and designed specifically for the space of the cave. Be prepared to be plunged into a space out of time as a 40 strong choral ensemble sing A Capella throughout the length of this magnificent cave system. Arriving on boats that traverse its subterranean river you will be enchanted by the celestial voices that rise from the deep.

In October 2018: Music and Haute-Cuisine

5th October 2018, Château de Mercuès, Mercuès

Combining Haute Cuisine and Haute Culture, dine to a  specially prepared menu by Michelin starred chef Julien Poisot in the magnificent setting of the Mercuès castle. Accompanied by the choir Exosphère and on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italian composer Rossini’s death, they will be performing a tribute performance of Petite Messe solennelle.

6th October 2018, Château de la Treyne, Lacave

The choir Exosphère repeat their performance of Petite Messe Solennelle, marking the 150th anniversary of the death of Italian composer Rossini. This time, set in the intimate surroundings of the stunning Château de la Treyne and accompanied by the gastronomic wizardry of Michelin star chef Stéphane Andrieux.