• Les Bistroquais à Bretenoux

  • Festival de Musique Sacrée à Rocamadour

  • Festival de Saint-Céré au Château de Castelnau

Many events take place in the Dordogne Valley and Rocamadour throughout the year.

Make the most of the scheduled events on the limestone plateaus of the Causse or in the valley: markets, festivals, cultural and gastronomic events and more...

Colourful markets

Practically every day there are markets with freshly picked fruits, vegetables and other local produce. The many food markets in summer offer ample opportunity to discover the delicious local specialties. Winter is the time for the truffle markets in Martel and Cuzance. Not to be missed!


The people of the Dordogne Valley love music and cultural activities. No wonder the event calendar boasts many festivals, inviting you to broaden your musical horizons with jazz, country, lyrical art, sacred music and classical music revisited. Throughout the year, there are also many sporting and cultural events: every September, Rocamadour organises the “Montgolfiades” a big hot air balloon festival against the stunning backdrop of this famous pilgrimage site (with as a bonus a great brocante!), as well as an annual hiking festival.

A busy agenda...

Participating in the many entertaining “fêtes” of the Dordogne Valley, definitely adds a special touch to your stay. What can be more enchanting than joining in the convivial celebrations of the village locals on a sultry summer night, enjoying a good meal, a few glasses of wine and a dance! These events also go by the name of "fêtes votives", a feast organised by a village to celebrate its patron saint. And of course there are the big events linked to the rural character of the region, such as the fêtes in celebration of walnuts (noix), plums (prunes) and cheese (fromage) or the “sheep shearing” fête de tondailles.


An events calendar brimming with ideas for a super holiday!

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