Come rain or shine, the Dordogne Valley continues to captivate the world's attention with its historic treasures and natural beauty... If you want to join in on the adventure and avoid any unnecessary hassle, then take a look at our step-by-step travel guide with all the top recommendations to help plan your provincial getaway!

The Dordogne Valley has long been one of France's favourite departments for Europeans to explore and thanks to its terrific spread of sights to visit, landscapes to explore and delicious treats to eat, it's no surprise that the region enjoys visits from holiday-goers all year round.

As the seasons roll on by, the change in weather never fails to bring out different façades to this award-winning historic hotspot. Whilst spring and summer bring visitors onto the beaches and into the markets, autumn and winter sees tourists hitting the streets of the region's old medieval towns in search of a Christmas market or food festival (hence the need to visit several times.)

With miles and miles of ever-changing landscapes, dozens of 'The Most Beautiful Villages in France' and countless seasonal activities to revel in, the main challenge is knowing how to go about planning your perfect holiday in the sun or romantic winter getaway.
So to take some weight off those shoulders, we've devised a brief with everything you need from 'crossing the pond', getting around and finding the perfect accommodation to deciding whether or not Rover should come along for the ride. The only difficult part will be choosing which time of year to visit but don't worry, we'll help you take care of that too...

@ vent d'Autan
Dordogne Valley

Dordogne Valley Survival Guide

The Essential Dordogne Valley Survival Guide: Some key questions about the Dordogne Valley and useful information to know when you travel here…

Four Seasons, Four Reasons
Dordogne Valley @ Vent d'Autan

4 Seasons, 4 Reasons

Whatever time of year you visit, you will find each season brings a unique experience…   

Getting around
On the road in Dordogne Valley...

Getting around

For many people, time spent getting around is time wasted on holiday... But not in the Dordogne Valley! Find out just how to get the most out of your trip and journey around the best of the region cheaply and easily.

Dordogne Valley
Breakfast in a chambre d'hôtes

Where to stay?

Looking for the ideal place to lay your head in the Dordogne Valley? Find everything you need to know about choosing the best area and accommodation to suit you best.