From creeks and beaches to waterfalls and water parks, discover some of the Dordogne Valley's best spots to throw down your towel and have some Fun in the Sun. Beach bums, take note!

Sparkling waters

Whilst Spring brings pleasant, mild temperatures to the Dordogne, Summers can get pretty toasty often reaching the 30 degrees mark. Even though the Dordogne is only few hours drive from the coast, its rather large supply of beach and water activities generously compensate for the region's inland position.

The rivers, lakes and waterfalls are some of the cleanest in Europe with reliably warm water especially in July and August. So if you're looking to beat the heat, occupy the kids or catch some Zs in the sun between visits, anything's possible in the Dordogne Valley!
Much as a dip in the pool is nice and refreshing, nothing beats a swim in the sparkling waters of the Dordogne (or one of the other rivers in the region).

A thousand ways to get wet

Winding through the magnificent landscapes of Southwest France, the river entices visitors with its lazy swims between mighty cliffs and picturesque villages and castles.

With some popular supervised river beaches disposing of a carpark and/or bar, the wilder beaches and creeks offer no more than sandy islands and ferny caves to swim into and explore...
Although the Dordogne Valley's impressively high waterfalls aren't swimmable, they do make great paddling material. Visitor's looking to get more than their feet wet can head along to the smaller ones for a jump in the pools and down the natural slides. An afternoon of canyoning is a great way to explore forest streams, scramble through canyons and shoot down waterfalls with the help of a guide.

Rivers and waterfalls aside, many of the region's leisure lakes or plans d’eau boast family fun activities with beaches, playgrounds, restaurants, picnic areas, fishing facilities and water sports often up for grabs. If these don't do the trick, head to one of the Dordogne's outdoor swimming pools or even better, water parks!

Water parks
Water parks

Water parks

Supervised Beaches
Supervised Beaches

Supervised Beaches

Looking for a little corner of paradise by the water? Snooze, swim, glide and find a beach that best suits you and your family in the Dordogne Valley!

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Camping in the wild

Wild Beaches

Exit the tacky souvenirs, inflatable dolphins or towel-to-towel beaches and welcome the rugged landscapes and leafy shade of the Dordogne Valley's wild beaches! Read on to find out which ones you should be hitting this summer!