Fun in the Sun

The Dordogne Valley in Summer

Whilst winter is for working hard, summer is for playing hard… From waterfalls to waterparks, here’s our guide of the most appealing summer visits and adventures to have lots of Fun in the Sun this summer in the Dordogne Valley!


The Dordogne Valley has long been a favourite summer getaway for families and it’s not hard to see why. As the hot weather rolls in, the panoramas of bucolic farmland, golden vineyards and dreamy green valleys put a smile on many a visitor’s face. Summer opens the doors to an array of outdoor activities to enjoy, beaches to relax on, waterfalls to ramble up and markets to explore…

Lots of events and activities to choose from

Those visitors worried about a defeat from the heat in the sun-strewed quintessential landscapes, the Dordogne’s Paleotholic and Middle Ages have left the region jam-packed with cave dwellings and castles to allow modern-day man to cool down (and enjoy a good visit).

From May to September, the Valley resonates with music from classical to jazz whilst even the smallest hamlets are brought to life with fetes, gastronomic events, evening markets, religious processions and maybe even fireworks to top it all off on a Sunday night.

Don’t be fooled by the region’s sleepy appearance, you’ll have a choice between several festivities on almost any weekend. As every café, restaurant, bar, guinguette (you name it, they’ve got it!) is open for business, there are plenty of culinary delights to tantalize those tastebuds. From winter’s black truffles to summer’s fruity delights, both refined temples of cuisine and simple ferme auberges serve up delicious local produce to be enjoyed on a sun-stricken terrace or a candle-lit garden.

What better way to reward yourself after a busy day of cliff-top gardens and canoeing down the river?

Get away from it all

Although the Dordogne Valley is a number-one hotspot for European summer holidays, the chances of finding a sleepy riverside beach to throw down your towel or taking a stroll under the limestone cliffs and still wonder where everybody is, is just as likely. And even when there are a few crowds, parking up down the road and walking in through the cobbled streets of a medieval town or under a Renaissance castle doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

In all, the Dordogne Valley’s sunny months offer a multitude of outdoor activities and open-air entertainment galore for every visitor to enjoy. The only difficult part will be deciding what to do first.
Get ready for some Fun in the sun!

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