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French living

How to eat, drink and party like the French

Immerse yourself in the heart of French culture in the Dordogne Valley, where every moment is an invitation to savor life’s simple pleasures.

This is a land where the art of living is celebrated daily—through exquisite farm produce, golden vineyards, and enchanting medieval towns. Here, happiness is measured in the ripening of grapes, the richness of truffles, and the joy of a village fête. Dive into a world where shopping means discovering the finest local ingredients, and dining out is an exploration of gastronomic delight.

Whether it’s feasting at a bustling market, savoring home-cooked meals, or indulging in evening festivities, the Dordogne Valley offers an authentic taste of French living at its best.

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The names of the sun-dappled medieval towns, villages and châteaux of the Dordogne Valley are instantly recognizable to gourmets thanks to their golden vineyards, walnut orchards and renowned truffle markets.
In a place where time is measured in the ripening process and happiness comes by the glass, lining those tums before heading out for a night at the village fete could never have been so easy…

So forget the designer gear, shopping in the Dordogne Valley is all about the food and drink.

Food lovers' Paradise

Hailed as a place of lush pastures and farm produce, this foodie paradise is a natural larder for some of the finest ingredients you could ever hope to sample in Europe. It’s no surprise then that the Dordogne is home to an array of bustling markets, colourful festivals and sumptuous cuisine.

Whether you’re looking to indulge in gourmet specialities like black truffle or foie gras or prefer the simplicity of in-season strawberries or locally grown plums, your tastebuds will be exposed to an exciting range of flavours exclusive to the Dordogne Valley.
Ever since the first walnut fell to the floor and the first duck stepped foot in the area, the Dordogne’s local produce has influenced many a chef’s menu, whether it be in a Michelin-starred restaurant or one of the smaller no-fuss bistros.
From the smallest hamlet to the largest town, the traditional (and sometimes diet-busting) cuisine can be found in most eateries with their own twist and offer something tasty for every member of the family (even the vegetarian aunt).

But it’s not just about dining out, the barbecuers and eat-at-home holiday-goers won’t find it difficult stocking up on a few Dordogne essentials with hundreds of markets open for business every morning and small farmer’s markets offering the best of the region late afternoon. Here, you’ll be able to lay your hands on a joint of lamb, truffles, cheeses and fruit fresh of the vine whilst soaking up the vibrant colours and seductive scents that each stall brings.

Evening events and local fetes

However with all of this feasting, it’s important to work up an appetite (or burn it off afterwards) With tonnes of outdoor events going on throughout the warmer seasons, the Dordogne Valley offers a jam-packed programme of brocantes, food festivals, concerts and general good ol’ fashioned village shindigs. After all, it would be rude not to throw in a night market or a hot air balloon display for good mesure.

So if any of these ideas tickle your fancy, click away and find out more about the Dordogne Valley’s mouth-watering delights and exciting events up for grabs.

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Recipes you can try at home

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Eating out

There are few more important pleasures in life than eating out in a restaurant with friends or family. Travelling means new experiences, so get ready to feast in the Dordogne Valley and discover the true taste of French living… Go on, spoil yourself.

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Food Specialities

Home to lively markets and fine cuisine, the Dordogne Valley is synonymous with some of the most acclaimed foods in France. Whether it be bought from a stall, cooked at home or served in a restaurant or bistro, the region’s fabulously flavoursome goodies are enough to tickle any visitor’s tastebuds! So get ready to experience some real French living !

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What’s on in the Dordogne Valley

Here it is: The Dordogne Valley events calendar shortlisted for you by locals in-the-know! Don’t miss out on the hottest gastronomic dates and bonanza of festivals, shows and markets on this year… French living at its best!

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With every season bringing its own festival of colours and flavours, what better way to discover the Dordogne Valley than by a stroll around the local markets? Grab a basket and brace yourself for some uncontrollable mouthwatering and experience real French living!

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Arts & Crafts in the Dordogne Valley

Come and meet the artists and artisans who create unique handmade objects in the Valley

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