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La Pescajoune de Marielle

A thick local delicious pancake

An easy recipe straight from the Dordogne Valley that you can easily replicate at home. Sweet or savoury, it tastes amazing either way!

Serves 4 people

Type of Dish: Main or dessert

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Super easy, super fast and super tasty

Sweet or salty, this dish was largely a dish for the poor in the high Quercy region of the Dordogne Valley.

In the olden days people used to cut a piece of bacon, fried in the pan that they then covered with this scrumptious pancake mix to make a complete and tasty dish, accompanied with a dandelion salad.

It can also be made and eaten as a dessert, served with seasonal fruits such as peaches, apricots, plums, apples.

Traditionally, it was cooked over a fire. Lightly caramelized by the flames and smoked by the hearth, this is when it tastes the best according to my grandmother!


The homemade Pescajoune like my grandmother used to make

6 dessert spoons of  flour
6 dessert spoons of milk
3 whole eggs
2 dessert spoons of sugar
2 dessert spoons of oil
2 fresh and ripe apples
A pinch of salt
Add extra flavour with vanilla extract and prune brandy from the Dordogne Valley


Make the mixture with the ingredients above. Let it rest a while so that it thickens.

Cut the apples into thin strips. Add them to the mix. Then lightly oil the frying pan; when it is hot, pour two ladles of mixture containing the fruit into the pan.

The Pescajoune must be 3 to 4 mm thick. Leave to brown on one side, then turn over.

For those feeling skillful, flip the Pescajoune directly in the pan.


Serve hot, sprinkled with caster sugar. You can replace apples with pears if you prefer. Better still pick up some delicious golden plums from Carennac when you are in the Dordogne Valley.