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Food Specialities

Truffles, Foie Gras, Strawberries, Wine...

Home to lively markets and fine cuisine, the Dordogne Valley is synonymous with some of the most acclaimed foods in France. Whether it be bought from a stall, cooked at home or served in a restaurant or bistro, the region’s fabulously flavoursome goodies are enough to tickle any visitor’s tastebuds! So get ready to experience some real French living !

The sun-drenched medieval villages, towns and castles of the Dordogne Valley offer a ton of choices to keep any food lover content. From the vineyards of Bergerac and cheese stalls of Bretenoux to the truffle farms of Martel and the saffron festival of Carjac, mealtimes aren’t to be messed with in the Dordogne.

Cheese...and wine to go with it

A popular purchase at any local market or restaurant is of course Rocamadour cheese. This small creamy piece of heaven made from goat’s milk bears the label ‘Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée’ which guarantees the produce was made in the region with the use of traditional methods and ingredients.

Because cheese is so central to the Dordogne diet, it’s no surprise there’s an abundance of local wines to go with them. Despite its close proximity to Bordeaux, the Dordogne produces a delicious variety of lesser-known local wines like Coteaux de Glanes that are representative of the warm summers and how the grapes ripen.
With a reputation for its love of grapes, many of the wines go hand-in-hand with traditional gourmet produce like magret de canard and foie gras (amazing with a local sweet wine called Vin de Branceilles)

Seasonal treats and organic delicacies

Although the selection of organic fruit and veg vary according to season, these regional treasures are in constant supply and are pretty darn tasty.
Quercy lamb is another of the Dordogne Valley’s ambassadors. Left to roam on the Causse’s limestone plateaux, these free-range lambs graze on thyme and other herbs giving the meat a beautiful fragrant flavour.

Visitors with a sweet tooth can enjoy the region’s delicate, candy-sweet strawberries, melon and plums where as visitors with a fine palate can savour the Dordogne’s highly sought-after truffles or rather ‘Black Diamonds’.
Other palate-teasers like walnuts continue to be celebrated for their use in vin de noix (a rich liqueur made from unripe green nuts) and walnut oil.

Most of the Dordogne Valley’s village squares are transformed into a market place at least once a week, welcoming local farmers to set up shop with their fresh produce. Festivals and one-off markets are organized all year round to celebrate a particular local speciality such as ‘Fête de la Truffe‘ in Sarlat and Cuzance or ‘Fête de la Fraise‘ in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne.

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Wine Tasting and Vineyards

The Dordogne Valley has an abundance of local wines from a variety of vineyards to perfectly complement the rich gastronomy of the region.

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Strawberry Fields

A delicious food speciality of the Dordogne Valley, find out where you can buy local and organic strawberries- directly from the producers.

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Aop Noix Périgord Noix En Rangées 2Aop Noix Périgord Noix En Rangées 2
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Walnuts – La Noix du Périgord

Nuts about Walnuts  

The Dordogne Valley is the biggest regional producer of walnuts in France – the cultivation of this tasty food speciality has been an integral part of the region’s cultural and farming history. 

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For many, the Dordogne Valley is synonymous with fromage. From melt-in-your mouth cabécous to flavoursome blues, delve into the region’s culinary specialities and take tonnes of tastebud-tickling opportunities to sample some of France’s very best cheeses!

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Foie Gras

From family farms to families plates… Foie Gras is the holy grail of French dishes and it just so happens to be one of the specialities of the Dordogne Valley. Read on to find out more about the region’s history and passion for this world-renowned delicacy. Knives and forks at the ready, ladies and gents!

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Truffles are one of the main local specialities and Dordognians have been harvesting the prized ‘truffe noire’ since forever. So it’s no surprise that feasting on truffled dishes is part and parcel of every day life in the Dordogne Valley. Prepare yourselves for a scrumptiously mouth-watering tour around truffle heaven!

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Veal and Quercy Lamb

One of the most important food regions in France the Dordogne Valley is known for produce and farm products of extremely high quality.

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