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Foie Gras pané, Miel et Noix

(Foie gras baked in bread crumbed walnuts and honey)

Ohh my goodness! These three local Dordogne Valley products are combined in perfect taste harmony. One of our favourite melt in your mouth pleasure explosions from Vincent Poussard – of the Dordogne Valley Professional Association of Périgord Walnut producers. A relatively easy recipe to make at home to impress all your gourmet friends.

Serves: 4 people

Type of Dish: Main or starter
Preparation Time: 1-2hours

Cooking Time: 15 min
Level of Difficulty: Medium


400 grams of foie gras de canard (fresh duck liver)
100 grams of  Périgord walnut kernels
Acacia honey
50 grams of bread crumbs
2 large apples
Salt & pepper


Chop the walnuts very thinly and mix them with the bread crumbs, season the mixture with salt and pepper.
Slice the fresh foie gras into 8 slices and cook gently in a dry pan. Let it cool.
Once cool, spread on each cold slice the honey with a glazing brush then pass this through the breadcrumbs.
Place on a baking dish and heat for 5 minutes at 180°c before serving.
Accompany this dish with apple slices (cut into large chunks) already lightly browned in the pan utilizing the leftover cooking fat of the foie gras that you prepared earlier.

That’s it.  Your Dordogne Valley taste sensation is ready to try.