Caving in the Dordogne Valley

An underworld for adrenalin junkies

Underground Thrills

The Dordogne Valley is synonymous with a rich cultural heritage of impressive medieval villages and castles, awe inspiring scenery, amazing limestone cliffs and river water sports. There is also another spectacular world here beneath the earth. Come and discover the magic of the underworld – a playground for adrenalin junkies and an awesome caving activity destination.

Wet or Dry?

There are two main types of caving: wet and dry. Obviously the wet ones involve an element of floating and swimming through underground rivers and the dry caves you can simply walk or crawl through. Depending on the grade of the pot-holing and your experience some trips involve some abseiling, climbing and squeezing.

Caving is an awesome sport and there is an underground adventure waiting for you to try. So put on your caving helmet and flick on your light to start the fun.

From 5 up

For adventure lovers of all ages (from 5 up) there are many levels depending on your experience and skill level (including for beginners). Under the watchful eye of an experienced professional instructor all the family can get stuck in. From 10 years you can try out your skills at black water caving as you float through the cave on underground rivers.
There are a number of caves and chasms dotted throughout the Dordogne Valley and Compagnie Sports Nature is the leading company to guide you through them.

Dive into the centre of the Earth

The Dordogne Valley is also world famous for the ultimate extreme sport – Cave Diving. The elaborate network of subterranean rivers in the Dordogne river makes this region THE place to go cave diving. Since the ‘60s the region has developed into a world leader with easily accessible start points, often only metres from country roads. The water is crisp and clear and the passages are not too tight.

Extreme divers rate the Dordogne Valley’s 12 or so cave dives as must do. You must be a grade Level 2 to dive. With depths up to 80 metres and dives lasting several hours it’s a subterranean paradise with the added bonus of a relaxing drink afterwards on the terrace of a café or bar always nearby.