sport-velo-pont_de_gluges-323cotvd-cochise_ory-2.jpgSport Velo Pont De Gluges 323cotvd Cochise Ory 2.jpg
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Sports and outdoor activities

In the Dordogne Valley

Loads of outdoor activities to enjoy physical exercise in a beautiful natural environment

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velo-village_creyssecmalikaturin_00107-c_malika_turin.jpgVelo Village Creyssecmalikaturin 00107 C Malika Turin.jpg
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Experience the sights and sounds of the Dordogne Valley cycling at your own pace

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descendre_la_dordogne_en_canoe_c_dominique_viet.jpgDescendre la Dordogne en Canoë
©Descendre la Dordogne en Canoë

Canoeing & Kayaking

With its calm and clear waters ideal for canoeing, kayaking and loads of activities, the Dordogne River will leave even the most “ground-loving” people with a smile. So get ready to get wet!

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vallee_doddogne-viet-gsmp-dor0165_-_c_-2.jpgRoc del port
©Roc del port


Sightseeing from the air… Take off to discover a whole new point of view.

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Paddle Boarding

A fun new way to go down the Dordogne river while taking in the beauty of this stunning UNESCO Biosphere Reserve…

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Caving in the Dordogne Valley

An underworld for adrenalin junkies

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