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Eating out

Foodie Heaven on Earth

There are few more important pleasures in life than eating out in a restaurant with friends or family. Travelling means new experiences, so get ready to feast in the Dordogne Valley and discover the true taste of French living… Go on, spoil yourself.

Eating Out- Foodie Heaven on Earth

If you are coming to France be ready to succumb to temptation. France is a foodie nation and some would argue it is the definition of what foodie culture is- the pleasure of good food cooked with flair, sourced from local producers and grown with a commitment to the environment.

Breakfast tends to be a very simple affair – a tasty baguette or croissant from an boulangerie artisanale can be found just about anywhere. Eating out for lunch can be a relaxed outing or an elaborate one and dinners a gastronomic adventure in fine cuisine. In the Dordogne Valley slow food is the norm. Local know how, locally sourced produce, local cooking techniques, accompanied by local wines and beers are all waiting to be discovered. The best thing about eating out here is that you can unhurriedly enjoy it in an authentic setting where locals also eat.

As the sun sets on a bright summer’s day, one of the great pleasures of eating in the Dordogne Valley is al-fresco dining. Take in the atmosphere of a medieval village or the serene view of the valley from an outdoor terrace while trying to decide what to choose from the menu. When everything looks so good and you still can’t decide, try another aperitif- a local walnut liquor (vin de noix) perhaps…

Home to way too many gastronomic pleasures, there are a variety of restaurant types and price ranges. From small family run cafés, family friendly bistros, restaurants or brasseries to the haute cuisine delights of Michelin starred restaurants set in a castle- the choice is yours.

Whatever your appetite, what’s on the menu is local fare with flair. Try the local Quercy  dishes- foie gras, sweet melon starters, walnut salad, duck confit, exquisitely marinated duck breast or fresh Quercy lamb… mashed potatoes topped with truffle shavings, Rocamadour goat’s cheese … and don’t forget to try a bottle or two of local red, rosé, white…oh and dessert…

Vegetarian Foodie Options

France is becoming more vegetarian friendly. 20 years ago you’d be hard-pressed to find anything vegetarian on a menu, but this is changing fast. More often than not, you will have a vegetarian choice. Top local favourites are the scrumptious walnut and goat’s cheese salad, cèpe or truffle omelettes and for those who eat fish – succulent trout freshly caught from the Dordogne river itself.

Foodie Playground- Kid friendly

Kids are expected to be seen and heard in French restaurants, and the importance of eating as a family in France means that kids shouldn’t feel excluded. Family orientated restaurants tend to have a play area when they tire of adult conversation.

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