Locally brewed and distilled, try out these regional favourites


Come and wet your whistle !

The Dordogne Valley is famous for its fine cuisine and its reputation as home to some of the most celebrated foods in France. It has also begun to grow its reputation for craft beers. So for beer loving travellers, rest easy, boutique craft beers are also a thing here too.

There are two popular microbreweries worth a visit and remembering the name of the next time you’re in need of a beer:


Gignac (Les Brandals, Gignac, 46600)
Tel : +335 65 27 21 07 or +336 89 34 63 45

You can visit this micro-brewery and taste their range in Gignac. Visit their shop ‘Le Dépôt’ in Cressensac (near Gignac) when you’re stocking up.
Sticking to the principals of all craft brewers, they offer a rich diversity of flavours enabled by a longer production process and a more complex assembly of only the highest quality malts and hops, all local of course.


Cahors (725, avenue Saint-Exupéry Parc d'activités de Cahors-Sud 46230)
Tel: +335 65 53 05 63

Another popular local beer that you will find on drinks menus throughout the Dordogne Valley is Ratz (based near Cahors). A great range of drafts, blond, amber and dark ales can be found at their brewery shop. You can take a tour of the brewery, browse their shop or just drink in their beer garden where you can pull up a pew and try some right there and then.


La Vieille Prune  

If you want a real taste of The Dordogne Valley, and one not for the fainthearted or light of stomach make sure to try La Vieille Prune. A popular favourite, this renowned plum brandy digestive has been knocked back for generations. Sold in only the best restaurants throughout France, this local high end delicacy is hand-made right here in the Dordogne Valley at the distillery of Louis Roque in Souillac-sur-Dordogne.

Founded in 1905, you can visit this artisanal distillery where three generations have passed on the secrets of bringing this digestive to life. A visit to the distillery itself is a fun learning experience as you discover not only the unique history of its production but also free sampling of the end result !

Vin de Noix Liqueur

Vin de Noix is a popular local favourite. It’s a walnut based aperitif, often artisanal, made by picking the walnuts with their green shell cut in quarters and left to marinate in alcohol. Why not pick a bottle or try some directly at the Distillerie Denoix in Brive ?

Lou Pé Dé Gril Pissenlit Liqueur

If you are stuck for something to pop open for an aperitif and are up for something different - try this. A liqueur made out of dandelions flowers! This award winning liquor can be tried and bought where it is made, in Curemonte, near Collonges-la-Rouge toward the north of the Dordogne Valley. The flowers are hand-picked and the Lou Pé dé Gril aperitif is home made on site by Maurice and Francine who will be more than happy to share with you a drop of their speciality.