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Arts & Crafts in the Dordogne Valley

Come and meet the artists and artisans who create unique handmade objects in the Valley

Arts & Crafts

From pottery to glassblowing or boutique soap to stained glass making you will find a wealth of local people and artisans engaged in a variety of handmade arts and crafts.
There is something for everyone. Come and browse and shop from our local artists. This vibrant sector of the local Dordogne Valley economy is buzzing with a mix of the traditional and innovation and you may find the perfect gift or souvenir to take back home. Most are open all year and you can meet the artists in their workshops.

Artisanal Pottery

With the shop often next to the working studio, you can buy a variety of local pottery in the Dordogne Valley. Either for everyday use or purely decorative these original creations can be found in the following pottery studios:

Poterie L’Empreinte (Meyronne, village centre, 46200)
Tel :+336 03 72 77 01

Poterie de Meyraguet ( Vignes Longues-Meyraguet, Lacave, 46200)
Tel :+336 47 80 90 81

Poterie de Mayrac (Le Pigeon,D803, Mayrac, 46200)
Tel :+335 65 27 20 09

Poterie des Grès Rouges (Avenue du Quercy, Meyssac,19500)
Tel :+335 55 84 07 57

Poterie de Granou (Granou, Loubressac, 46130)
Tel :+335 65 34 57 61

Lumin’ Oeufs (38 rue de la Gane, Saint-Privat, 19220)
Unique handmade lamps created with a combination of earthenware and emu and ostrich eggs.
Tel : +336 31 32 94 04

Atelier Po (village centre, Carennac, 46110)
Tel :+336 84 36 40 07

Faiences Patricia H (8 place Doussot, Souillac, 46200)
Tel :+335 65 37 81 62 or +335 65 32 63 08

Glass Blowing

Come and see this amazing process in action at the workshops

Les Feux de Beltane (Avenue du Quercy, Meyssac,19500)
Tel :+335 55 85 40 69

Verrerie du Quercy (Route de Miers, Thegra, 46200)
Tel :+336 31 63 27 80

Painting & Sculpture

Unique handmade creations from brush and hand

Atelier de Peinture de René Boutang (Place de la Fontaine, Collonges-la-Rouge, 19500)
Oil paintings and watercolours. Possibility of tuition in both techniques.
Tel :+335 55 25 44 54 or +336 80 25 81 55

Laborie Créations (Le Domaine, Cornac, 46130)
Sculpture, Painting and Interior Design
Tel :+335 65 38 41 98 or +336 81 41 92 34
Artisan-Emailleur Baillet-Goy (Porte du Figuier, Rue Roland le Preux, Rocamadour, 46500)
From jewellery to decorative objects made in copper. With the option to custom-make your desires to order.
Tel : +335 65 39 79 31 or +336 70 41 92 18

Stained Glass Making

For both traditional and modern stained glass window creations

Atelier Vitraux Chantal JeanMaison de la Pommette (Rue de la Mercerie, Rocamadour, 46500)
Tel :+335 65 33 73 10 or +336 21 20 75 10

Artisanal Soap

Maison Exquises Caprines – Atelier-Boutique de Savons (Mayrinhac le Francal, Rocamadour,46500)
Created in the same shape and form as the Dordogne Valley’s famous Rocamadour goat’s cheese these gorgeous smelling soaps will be a pleasant reminder of your visit.
Tel : +336 72 65 87 62 or +336 70 23 17 70

Lavender Distillery

La Ferme des Alix (Les Alix, Rocamadour, 46500)
More popularly associated with Provence, lavender crops were once grown extensively here in the Dordogne Valley. At La Ferme des Alix, they are bringing back lavender to the Dordogne Valley. Re-introducing age old farming techniques this farm is making some beautiful artisanal lavender products including lavender scented candles, soaps, pot pourris, essential oils and even a lavender liqueur. Open April until October you can come and see them for yourself at the shop on the farm.
Tel :+336 47 07 69 94

A cut above the rest

Le Couteau de Corrèze (Rue de la Barrière, Collonges-la-Rouge,19500)
Tel :+335 55 25 38 29

High-end collectable traditional French knives created by master knife makers with a unique twist. Emblazoned with handles made from a variety of woods incorporating chestnut leaves (the symbol of the area). Open March to the beginning of November.

An Artisanal Yarn

Ferme de Siran (Loubressac, 46130)
Mohair wool of the highest accredited quality (Le mohair des Ferme de France) is farmed here to create high end knitting wool with the farm’s sheep creating about 350kg of wool per year. Also farmed is Angora wool. You can visit the shop and discover hand-made creations made out of both. Paid visits to the farm are also available at various times throughout the year.
Tel :+33 5 65 38 74 40

Markets & Brocantes

Don’t forget to also check out the various markets and brocantes that pop up throughout the Dordogne Valley when you are visiting. Here, you will often find local artists and craftspeople selling their wares, including jewellery, wood carvings and clothing.