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Category 1 Streams in the Dordogne Valley

The fishing season runs from mid-March to mid-September for category 1 tributaries and streams. There are some variations to this season along the river basin depending on which regional département (The Dordogne, Corrèze or Lot) administers the section of river you will be fishing in. These streams divide (by location) into the following areas :

The streams of the Ségala

Located in the Bave and Cére basin, these wild streams are pure nature, and you can find trout hidden here at the base of waterfalls and in amongst the boulders of the streams. The principal streams are the Tolerme, le ruisseaux de Candes, le Mamoul and le Cayla.

The streams of Xaintrie

Include the Maronne and the Cère and the Pagésie and Peyret . Similar to the streams of the Segala the main difference is that the hydroelectric dams on these waters transform part of these rivers into 2nd category fishing rivers.

The streams of the Causse

They are few in number in the Causse region, because many run underground, but their turquoise water and limestone rockformations that pepper their course make beautiful spots for fishing. They include the Alzou, Ardailloux, and Tournefeuille streams.

The streams of the Dordogne Valley

In general, these streams are less wild and fairly easy to access for fishing. You will find beautiful trout here. The main streams are : the Doustre, the Souvigne, the Ménoire, the Maumont and the Sourdoire.