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Natural Heritage

The Dordogne River, Caves, Waterfalls, Viewpoints...

Besides the fantastic food, mighty castles and romantic villages, the Dordogne Valley also boasts some of the most glorious landscapes in France…

A destination renowned worldwide

If a medal could be awarded to the region with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Dordogne Valley would win it hands down! Whilst the Dordogne River proudly holds the title of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, dozens of the prehistoric caves follow in its footsteps. So it’s no surprise thousands of visitors come back every year thirsty for more.
With a rich variety of landscapes surrounding the 300 mile-long river, the region’s unspoiled scenery has remained unchanged for centuries, offering holiday-goers a wide range of activities to do, views to see and laces to discover.

A diverse heritage

The Dordogne’s uncrowded lakes, waterfalls and springs offer an offbeat alternative to the traditional Mediterranean beach holiday, boasting fantastic marked trails and crystal-clear waters that can reach up to 26°c in summer.
Just south of the river, the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park (and UNESCO Global Geopark if you please) offers vacationers the chance to marvel at a fabulous collection of prehistoric paintings in the Grotte des Merveilles and an impressive network of stalactite caves in the Padirac Cave.
The park also boasts a 30 sq. km stretch of astronomic heaven where its night skies enjoy some of the lowest light pollution in France. It’s the ideal place for star-gazing…

New discoveries around each corner

If you’re travelling by car (which we highly recommend), equip yourself with a decent map and explore the back roads that dish out tonnes of picturesque backdrops and unexpected finds. Any which way, it’s safe to say that any route is guaranteed to take you either round river bends, under towering cliffs, past small sandy islets or through a walnut orchard.

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©Christophe Bouthé - Agence Vent d'Autan


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Vue plongeante sur le Lac Supérieur de la Salle du Grand Dôme.Vue plongeante sur le Lac Supérieur de la Salle du Grand Dôme.
©Vue plongeante sur le Lac Supérieur de la Salle du Grand Dôme.|Louis Nespoulous - SES de Padira

Caves and Prehistory

There is an entire hidden world just under your feet in the Dordogne Valley. Home to the most famous Paleolithic art on the planet there is also the art of mother nature to discover.

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