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Brocantes and Flea markets

Bargain hunting in the Dordogne Valley

Car boot sales, vintage clothes, antique markets and everything in between in the Dordogne Valley : Find something typically French to take home for just a few euros…

If you’re partial to rummaging around car boot sales searching for a bargain then you are in flea market heaven in the Dordogne Valley. There are many, and they come in different sizes, but they roughly divide into two types : Brocantes and Vide-Greniers.

Upmarket Brocantes feature antiques and antique furniture sold by professional dealers.
Car boot sales on the other hand tend to be held in villages where everyone tries to get rid of stuff that’s been lying around in the attic- hence the French name Vide-Grenier (Empty the Attic).

Generally they take place on Sundays from April to October. Like all car boot sales, get there early to find the best bargains and guarantee the biggest choice. Some have fantastic knick-knacks, old china, prints, clothes, furniture,  video games, typewriters, classic vintage stuff and vintage toys that are now collectable.

You may have to wade through some dross but that is all part of the fun. You might even come across someone trying to dispose of their Johnny Hallyday records or very bad VHS collection (yes VHS!) – welcome to France! For added fun try haggling down the price….bartering in whatever French you have will be a laugh for sure.

Scattered in village car boot sales you will also find some professional stands which tend to have a minimalist presentation of antique pieces. As a general rule of thumb prices are never extortionate and you are bound to find some treasures to take home. Vide-Greniers also have a strong and lively community vibe with invariably someone making French crepes (yum) and a bar selling beer if you are feeling peckish or thirsty.

Look out for a Vide-Grenier sign when driving around the Dordogne Valley or ask for a list at the Tourist Office and enjoy hunting for that must have item/gem to take home.