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Journées du Patrimoine

Heritage Open Days in the Dordogne Valley

A weekend celebrating the rich heritage of the Dordogne Valley, with free entry into major sites throughout the Valley. An annual event every third weekend in September.

Heritage Open Days in the Dordogne Valley

As in the UK, France has open Heritage Days that occur throughout the entire country. Called Journées du Patrimoine they take place every third weekend of September every year. During these autumn open days, sites of historic importance, museums and gardens all across France are opened for free entry to the public.

The Dordogne Valley is no exception and you can take advantage for an amazing day out with the family at the major sites across the Valley. Celebrating the cultural history of France there are also more than 50 special events that take place as well. You can discover historical monuments such as the castle of Castelnau-Bretenoux, the château of Montal, and the Tours de Merle. Some places, usually closed to the public such as private gardens and houses also throw their doors open to the public on this special weekend of heritage celebration.

You can see a full list of what is happening for the current or following year by following the link here.

Most of villages and towns take part in this annual event throughout the Dordogne Valley.