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Rocamadour Classical Sacred Music Festival

Every year in August

Full of deep spiritual emotion, you can’t help but feel moved by the grandeur of Rocamadour. Already a renowned UNESCO world heritage site, it is further enriched every August with the sound of classical and sacred music in the most amazing setting.

A moving musical experience

If, when in Rocamadour, you get a chance to visit one of its chapels for a moment of quiet reflection or just to admire its centuries old history, you may literally feel transported in time by the medieval surroundings. For a further transformative experience with a spiritual twist, you can also enjoy the sounds of the Rocamadour classical and sacred music festival.

A key date in the Dordogne Valley summer festivals season, over 5000 concert goers are drawn to this yearly August event with the lure of over 15 performances, musical visits, artists in residence and special child friendly events.

Heavenly Vibrations

For three weeks the UNESCO World Heritage site of Rocamadour resounds to the sounds of sacred classical music. In the Basilique Saint-Sauveur internationally renowned artists fuse music with the exceptional acoustics of this medieval place. A celebration of music from different European origins, the festival regularly features organ recitals, choral concerts, Gregorian chants, chamber music and quintets. Soloists perform with orchestras and recitals by large choirs are a feature of the festival too. A number of other concerts and associated events take place in small churches, castles and exceptional outdoor locations across the Dordogne Valley.