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All good things come in threes at Château de Commarque

One Site, three experiences:

Three brand new and exciting ways to explore Château de Commarque near Les Eyzies. On the agenda: Abseiling, hot-air balloon ride and private prehistoric cave tour

Time isn’t always on our side, even on holiday.. That’s especially true in Périgord where there’s so much to see and do that you don’t know where to start. So kill three birds with one stone and have an unforgettable day out at Château de Commarque near Les Eyzies, a favourite among Dordogne visitors. Try one of the brand new and exclusive activities that launched in 2021 in an unspoilt natural setting!

The owners have some amazing surprises in store for you with unobstructed views of the castrum and Beune Valley plus magical moments that you’ll never forget!

Thrills guaranteed - abseiling from the keep!

If you love history as much as you love a challenge, then you’re really going to enjoy “jumpingoff the top of the 80m tower. Experience a thrill with peace of mind as the state-qualified instructor Frédéric Viales keeps an eye on you.

There’s nothing else like it in Dordogne as you settle comfortably into your harness and slowly abseil down the keep’s walls on the end of the rope. Julie opens proceedings as the first to experience the drop… “I’ve got butterflies but the view is so incredible that I can’t wait to do it.”

This is a golden opportunity for climbing and abseiling enthusiasts to experience a brand new and exclusive spot. Visitors looking for a challenge and memorable experience can get a real rush. Your heart will be pounding when you swing over to the other side of the wall…

It’s also a great way to get a fresh perspective of the site as you tower above the castrum and valley under your feet. It’s your time to rule over Commarque as a brave and bold leader who knows their home inside and out… and top to bottom!

A natural high on a hot-air balloon ride from the bottom of the castrum!

A natural high on a hot-air balloon ride from the bottom of the castrum!

Château de Commarque and its heritage lie in an untamed natural site. And if there’s one way to feast your eyes on the setting, it’s definitely from the skies… And Claire, Julie and Romain won’t say otherwise! Our 3 jammy dodgers take the maiden voyage on the hot-air balloon from Château de Commarque.

Just picture getting into the hot-air balloon basket in the middle of a meadow… the building stands proud on its rocky headland before you… the sun rises and the first rays of light illuminate the keep and awaken the ancient fortification.

Your heart fills to bursting as the balloon silently rises into the sky. Now you’re soaring above the iconic Périgord Noir monument, picturing the olden days amongst these buildings whose designs you now see clear as day.

The view of Commarque from the cockpit is incredible,” says Romain. The leafy carpet and Beune Valley unfurl beneath your very eyes. You feel good, peaceful, soothed by the bracing morning breeze as you soak up a fairytale experience at Commarque before you continue your magical adventure. “It was my first time in a hot-air balloon and I loved the silence around us when we reached the skies.”

Travel back in time on a private tour of the prehistoric cave

Aude and Jean de Commarque can’t wait to introduce their VIP to this underground site in the shadow of the citadel’s ruins. Former visitors probably never noticed the unassuming little door carved into the cliffside. This is your chance to open the door and see what’s on the other side…

This slice of history dates back 15,000 years and the family has been protecting the little gem with passion. Keep your eyes peeled as there’s a whole host of cave art in the 3 galleries. Don’t worry if you can’t see them; Aude will be your guide and introduce your small group to the cave’s highlights, including the famous horse head. A prehistory gallery in the main building’s cellar brings the experience full circle. It’s home to an exhibition and 3D film of the Commarque prehistoric cave!

“The cave is a sleeping beauty deep in Commarque. Visitors couldn’t see it before now and we feel it’s important to share its wonder”
Aude de Commarque.

Experience these brand new activities on your own, as a couple, with family or friends at one of the most beautiful châteaux in Périgord!

Additional information

Abseiling the Château de Commarque keep:

Seasonal activity in July/August, ages 8 and over, no need to book.
25-30 min activity. Please wear suitable clothing.


8-12 year olds: 17€/pers.
Over 12s: 25€/pers.
Hot-air balloon ride from Commarque

Booking compulsory.


Hot-air balloon ride:

from Commarque + drink and tasting
2 hr activity as follows:

Foie gras/walnut produce tasting and glass of champagne (45 mins)
Hot-air balloon ride (1 hr-1 hr 15)
Drop off and ride to Commarque to pick up your vehicle
Prices: on request


Commarque prehistoric cave private tour:

Booking compulsory in small groups of 2-3 people
45 min-1 hr activity as follows:

Personal welcome from Aude or Jean de Commarque de Commarque
Private guided tour of the cave with Aude de Commarque or one of the château’s tour guides
Foie gras/walnut produce tasting and glass of champagne
Price: 80 €/pers.