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Family outing and tasting in Biron

A château in the land of bastides

Whilst on holiday in Périgord, we decided to go on a family outing to visit a pretty village between Périgord and Agenais: Biron, famous for its impressive château listed as a Monument Historique. An exciting half-day with lots on the agenda: history, a walk in the great outdoors, wine tasting and great people.

Sandra and Francis, the brains behind the adventure

As soon as we arrive, we’re blown away by the sheer majesty of Château de Biron as it suddenly looms out of the woods. They weren’t joking when they told us was one of the biggest in the area… it’s a sight for sore eyes. We recommend it!

The building’s unusual architecture blends beautifully with different styles from the 13th to the 18th century and it’s easy to see why it’s a popular filming location.

Biron and its setting take us on a trip back in time! This magical setting is where we meet Sandra et Francis from France’s Impressions Voyages for an experience blending history, heritage, walking, food and drink… Don’t go anywhere, we’ll tell you everything!

The concept of “terroir” is essential to Sandra and Francis. Meeting the locals, sharing expertise, the bond between mankind and nature are what fuels their experience of a region or country.

Sandra and Francis decided to explore a different avenue 25 years ago, true to their core values: reconnecting with nature and soaking up life in a village or region. They fell in love with a “Périgord house” up for sale in Biron. The couple moved to the Pays des Bastides (land of fortified towns) around the iconic Château de Biron in a land bursting with fascinating history and unique geography.

What’s their job description now? They are the brains behind adventures and guided tours. The only way for them is up!

Let's take a dive into culture and nature

The couple meet us at the village market hall at 9.30am. The sun brings the best out of the old village watched over by the impressive medieval building.

The year-round spectacle hasn’t changed for centuries, setting the scene for ramparts, washhouses, wells, wall walks, machicolations, market halls, romanesque church and houses on stilts. The village bells rings and together we set out to explore the area. The children join us as we’re swept away by the incredible history of the château owned by the Gontaut-Biron family, who were in the French kings’ favour. Not only do we hear about the Château and its 600 year transformation, but Sandra also tells us about the village, the buildings and the locals.

Then we take the road to Monpazier out of the village for a 3km walk passing by Les Écuries Basses, a hamlet sold decades ago by the château owner, to the villagers’ dismay.

We walk through the woods on the Roman road and the château greets us with pride on the horizon.

We soak up the peace and quiet on this walk in the great outdoors as Sandra tells us fascinating stories and brings the local history to life. We learn that oral lore is passed down in Occitan and it still goes into historical research by enthusiasts. We talk about all kinds of things: plants, mushrooms like the famous Périgord truffle.

This walk in unspoilt nature, bursting with diversity and amazing geography, flora and fauna, leads us to another world: vine growing. Now we’ve reached the Biron lords’ former winery.

Domaine de la Tuque, meet organic vine growers and taste natural wine

Domaine de la Tuque was approved as an organic vineyard in 2017; its hillside vineyards stand on a headland, on the other side of the valley, and have fantastic views of the village and château.

Gilles and Vincent started making organic Périgord wine (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2018 and all we can say is that their values make total sense: simplicity, hospitality, nature and community. The winery is open all year and the winemakers love hosting get-togethers, like the Spring Festival when all the locals are invited to a picnic.

As we enjoy their wine made without pesticides or fertiliser, the owner gives us a fascinating account of the vineyard’s history. We soon realise that local winemaking has been revived by enthusiasts who put their passion and respect into the land to make wine from old varieties and strike the right balance in the terroir.

We even have the privilege of meeting the mayor, who often drops in to say hello to visitors.

Now it’s time to retrace our steps and head back to town, which is called Biront in Occitan. The group is quieter on the way back as everyone’s deep in their own thoughts…
When we get back at 1pm, we say a big thank you to our two guides who looked after us throughout the tour. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Speaking of enjoying ourselves, we certainly earned our meal so we head to Château de Biron for a good lunch!

“We like to choose where we take our customers”

Be sure to call Sandra and Francis to take you on other adventures, they have lots of secrets and tips to share!

Sandra and Francis give you the keys to unlock your own adventure with France Impressions… then it’s up to you to do things your way!

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