749 Interieur Du Gouffre De Proumeyssac Les Conteurs749 Interieur Du Gouffre De Proumeyssac Les Conteurs
©749 Interieur Du Gouffre De Proumeyssac Les Conteurs|Gregory Cassiau

Proumeyssac Cave

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The crystal cathedral

Jules Verne has always whisked us away to other worlds with his fantastic tales… Now our dream has come true: we’re going on a sensational journey into the belly of the Earth! Head to Audrix and explore an amazing one-of-a-kind place: Proumeyssac Cave.

A magical underground world in the Proumeyssac depths

Nicknamed “The Devil’s Hole” and surrounded by fearsome legends said to have taken place here since the 18th century, Proumeyssac Cave has been fascinating people for generations! You simply can’t miss the biggest cave experience in Périgord in the Vézère Valley…

Are you ready for a 360° adventure? We decide to take the basket ride down just like when Proumeyssac Cave was discovered in 1907! After venturing through the 12m thick rock, it’s time to descend almost 50m deep… An absolutely spellbinding world appears below with incredibly impressive stalagmites and underground lakes

What makes it even more magical is the sound and light show screened on the cave walls. It’s such a beautiful place that you get goosebumps… You’ll see why people describe Proumeyssac Cave as the Crystal Cathedral

If you don’t fancy a basket ride then you can take a tunnel to into the cave.

All shapes and sizes

With adrenaline coursing through us and magic all around, our guide William gives us a passionate introduction to the site’s most striking stalagmites: the children are amazed by the myriad mineral shapes!

The little ones have fun seeing creatures such as mermaids and giant squid on the cave walls… Quality time together!

William spins the basket floor so we get the full-on experience and can see the cave in all its glory without moving an inch!

We’re spellbound by the fairytale world that has reigned here for tens of millions of years… The unique setting inspired French director Vincent Mariette for a key scene in his latest film Savage, shot in Proumeyssac.

I wrote the script based on the Périgord landscapes, my childhood memories of my holidays in Dordogne with my grandparents.

Educational, eco and family-friendly Proumeyssac

Proumeyssac Cave is heaven for thrill-seekers, adventurers and history buffs…

You start your visit at the museum which surrounds us in a troglodyte setting and takes us back in time from the medieval legends to when Proumeyssac Cave was discovered…

Once the tour is finished, the kids can explore the open-air Ludo Parc, home to an adventure trail and a giant board game where they can get to grips with geology!

Along the way they will meet Professor Géopole, a larger-than-life and hilarious character. During the school holidays in October and summer, the Professor stages original and fun-filled events for children to learn about natural phenomena such as erosion and the formation of limestone soil… The little ones loved it and had lots of fun!

Budding eco-warriors will love exploring the learn through play area! You pedal to generate some of the energy required for your tour: a screen shows you how much electricity you produce! Don’t forget to download your eco-visitor certificate on the Proumeyssac Cave!

We brought a picnic along to eat on-site so we could stay longer at this amazing place.

The visionary that was Jules Verne and his journeys are no longer just a dream, now they’re an unforgettable adventure we had as a family. We did it! We’ll never forget our journey to the centre of the Earth on our last trip to Périgord…