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Organic wine tasting at Château Feely

Learn the art of wine tasting

Make a beeline for Château Feely, nestled on the Saussignac hillside vineyard on the Bergerac Wine Route. We’ve chosen this winery for its biodynamic vineyard and the organic wine it makes. It’s time for a new wine experience!

Dive into the magical world of wine in a vibrant and unique terroir

After our cool scooter tour through the vines, we really wanted to sample the local Bergerac wine!

Me and my friends get a warm welcome from Caro, the owner, when we reach Domaine Feely. This magical setting exudes a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere…

The winemaker tells us how she and her husband saved this 7ha winery in 2005. These two wine enthusiasts wanted to make fine wine true to nature and its living biodynamic soil. Our host shares her joy and pride in making her dream come true…

There are several tour options to choose from, ranging from 1 hour to 5 days plus a new educational trail.

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon and went for the 1 hr tasting tour, including a guided tour of the vineyard and 3 wines to taste for 10€.

Top tip! Call ahead to make sure there’s space!

Biodynamic wine

The introductory tour showcases the vineyard’s incredible biodiversity and the talent involved in taming Mother Nature’s superpowers. The ground blooms with clovers, great at “fixing” nitrogen, and wild orchids, a sign that the soil is healthy and thriving. Beneficial insects like bees replace insecticides. Natural organic tea replaces chemical fungicides.

Biodynamic wine creates a bond with the land, the origin of the bottle and its terroir.” You really do feel connected to nature when you visit. A place that inspires peace and serenity…

Did you know?
All the vineyard’s plots have been harvested by hand since 2014 as it improves the quality of the wine.
Château Feely won gold at the first French wine tourism competition in 2019.

Close your eyes and soak up a fine wine's aromas

Then we are invited into the tasting room. I won’t deny it: we can’t wait to sample the biodynamic and natural artisan wine!

When you drink wine from the vineyard around you, you see, feel, taste and smell the terroir…

We settle down around a wooden table in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our introduction to the art of tasting is served with beautiful Vins de Bergerac Duras branded glasses.

We observe the wine’s clarity, colour and sheen as well as its viscosity as we swirl it against the sides of the glass. This is when I feel like a professional taster!

Then it’s time for the “smell test“! There are two “noses“… Let me explain: one aroma or “nez” when the glass still, before you swirl it, and one for after you swirl it.

We have fun taking turns at guessing the aromas. It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s great fun!

Last but not least: it’s (finally) time to use our tastebuds. They explain tasting techniques using your mouth. You’re in for a flavour sensation! We sample wines whose names say it all…


Wines to sample on your visit:

Sincérité“, a crisp white wine with zesty aromas.
La Source“, a dry sulphite-free red wine.
Grâce“, a complex and full-bodied wine with a hint of mint. My favourite!

Be careful though, don’t get too giddy tasting these unique and outstanding wines

This highly educational activity is first and foremost an inspirational and eye-opening experience… You’ll go home happy with great memories and fantastic wine to share with your loved ones!

Just so you know!

You can have lunch on-site with food & wine pairings, go on days-long treks or unwind in the luxury eco-friendly holiday homes.