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Cultural Heritage

A valley dotted with jaw-dropping medieval towns, castles, gardens and lots more...

Year in, year out, the Dordogne Valley puts on a spectacular show of gorgeous chateaux, villages and gardens that star on every visitor’s must-do list.
Discover some of the lovely treats the region has in store !

Topping the charts with its castle-studded countryside and family attractions, the Dordogne Valley really does has something for everyone.
Whilst history fanatics can relish in visits to medieval châteaux like the Tours de Merle, budding horticulturists can potter around the beautiful Gardens of Marqueyssac, love birds can drift through the cobbled streets of Collonges-la-Rouge and young families can enjoy a steam train ride along the cliffs of Martel.

Not only does the Dordogne Valley cater to different ages and interests, it also offers cool hideaways when summer temperates peak at places like the Lascaux Caves, Aubazine Abbey, and (last but never least) Quercyland waterpark…
With such a lavish cultural heritage and so many great visits up for grabs in the region, it would be virtually impossible to see everything in just one trip.
Because the Dordogne Valley is rather big, it’s better to concentrate visits that are in the same area and avoid spending your holiday in the car.

Village hoppers should keep an eye out for ‘The Most Beautiful Villages of France’, a prestigious award that aims to promote picturesque villages of quality heritage. There are 21 in the region so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one or two…

On your marks, get set, go!

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Villages to Visit

Journey Through the Dordogne Valley

From the Charm of Ancient Hamlets to the Buzz of Historic Towns

Embark on a picturesque voyage where the quaint elegance of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France” intertwines with the vibrant life of the Dordogne Valley’s cities. Step into a postcard-perfect world where each village, from the tranquil banks of river hideaways to majestic hilltop retreats, offers a serene step back in time. These storied hamlets, brimming with ancestral homes and verdant vineyards, invite you to explore their untouched beauty and partake in centuries-old traditions that still thrive today.

As the river bends, the valley unfolds into bustling cities like Brive la Gaillarde and Sarlat, where the zest of urban life is infused with the richness of history. Here, the past is not hidden behind glass in museums but painted on the walls of every street, echoed in the market calls, and woven into the fabric of daily life.

This collection of villages and cities is a tapestry of experiences, a journey that promises the romance of the old world and the spirited pleasures of the present. Delve into a region that captivates the heart with its mix of serene landscapes and lively streetscapes. The Dordogne Valley is not just a destination; it’s a narrative that continues to unfold with each visitor’s footsteps. Join us on this enchanting escapade where every corner holds a new story.

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Land of 1,001 Castles

From fairytale castles to mighty fortresses, the Dordogne Valley is the proud owner of a stunning cultural heritage and some of the prettiest sites in France. 

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Dordogne’s Top 10 Attractions

For those keen on beach holidays or city breaks, the word ‘countryside’ could conjure up a fear of boredom… But not in the Dordogne Valley !

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Out in the garden

Whether it’s the breathtaking scenery, the flourishing flora and fauna, or dedication to ecological harmony, the Dordogne Valley is an idyllic destination for those seeking a deeper connection with nature.

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Gourmet heaven

The Dordogne Valley has it all: the climate, natural beauty in spades, the stunningly preserved architectural heritage but also the food! From gourmet cuisine to simple family cooking, the Dordogne Valley is renowned around the world for its gastronomy.

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