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Villages to Visit

Collonges-la-Rouge, Autoire, La Roque-Gageac...

Journey Through the Dordogne Valley

From the Charm of Ancient Hamlets to the Buzz of Historic Towns

Embark on a picturesque voyage where the quaint elegance of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France” intertwines with the vibrant life of the Dordogne Valley’s cities. Step into a postcard-perfect world where each village, from the tranquil banks of river hideaways to majestic hilltop retreats, offers a serene step back in time. These storied hamlets, brimming with ancestral homes and verdant vineyards, invite you to explore their untouched beauty and partake in centuries-old traditions that still thrive today.

As the river bends, the valley unfolds into bustling cities like Brive la Gaillarde and Sarlat, where the zest of urban life is infused with the richness of history. Here, the past is not hidden behind glass in museums but painted on the walls of every street, echoed in the market calls, and woven into the fabric of daily life.

This collection of villages and cities is a tapestry of experiences, a journey that promises the romance of the old world and the spirited pleasures of the present. Delve into a region that captivates the heart with its mix of serene landscapes and lively streetscapes. The Dordogne Valley is not just a destination; it’s a narrative that continues to unfold with each visitor’s footsteps. Join us on this enchanting escapade where every corner holds a new story.

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The Most Beautiful Villages of France

Step into a realm where time stands still and beauty unfolds at every cobblestone corner. In the heart of the Dordogne Valley, a constellation of villages sparkles with the prestigious title of “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France.” These are not mere destinations; they are timeless escapes, each with a story to tell and a charm to discover. Picture yourself wandering through lanes hemmed with medieval stone houses, over ancient bridges arching gracefully over tranquil rivers, and beneath the shade of centuries-old trees in village squares that have hosted market days for generations.

The Dordogne Valley is home to a treasure trove of these enchanting villages, each proudly bearing the label as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France.” From the serene riverside retreats to the perched fortresses in the sky, these villages are the jewels in the crown of French heritage. Immerse yourself in the bucolic landscapes, where the scents of fresh pastries and blooming gardens linger in the air. Engage with local artisans whose crafts have been honed over lifetimes, and sample gastronomic delights that are the pride of the region.

Let each village tell you its secrets through half-timbered houses, fortified castles, and hidden alleys where history whispers to those who listen. Whether it’s the warmth of the golden stone under the southern sun or the cool touch of a shadowy passage that draws you in, these villages promise experiences that resonate with the soul.

This is your invitation to explore the Dordogne Valley’s “Plus Beaux Villages de France” – a journey of discovery, wonder, and enchantment. Join us as we lift the veil on these picturesque havens that await your footsteps. Delight in the art of slow travel as each village unveils its own unique tapestry of history, culture, and stunning landscapes. Get ready to fill your travel journal with stories and memories from the Dordogne Valley – the land of timeless charm.


Vibrant Cities:

The Pulse of the Dordogne Valley

Welcome to the vibrant urban tapestry of the Dordogne Valley, where the pulse of history, culture, and French joie de vivre is felt in every bustling market, serene riverside, and lively street café. Begin your journey in Brive la Gaillarde, with its robust markets and warm, ochre-stone buildings that radiate with the southern sun’s glow. Here, the echo of traditional folk songs fills the air, inviting you to partake in the local revelry and savor the renowned culinary delights.

Venture next to the enchanting medieval town of Sarlat, where golden limestone facades cast a spellbinding glow under the moonlit sky. Its maze of narrow streets whispers tales of troubadours and traders from times long past. In Périgueux, the Roman and Renaissance spirits intertwine, offering a glimpse into the city’s layered history, from ancient ruins to ornate cathedrals.

Souillac stands as a gateway to the wonders of the Dordogne with its abbey church of Sainte-Marie, a testament to the power of faith and artistry throughout the ages. Saint-Céré’s lyrical landscapes, once muse to poets and painters, still inspire those who stroll along its serene river banks or gaze out from the towers of its storied châteaux.

Lastly, Bergerac beckons with its vineyard-clad hills and cobblestone streets, a city synonymous with fine wine and historic charm. Each sip of its famed wine tells a story of the soil and the soul of this region.

These cities, vibrant threads in the valley’s tapestry, invite you to discover their unique rhythms and stories. From market squares brimming with local produce to the tranquil greenery that frames historical wonders, the Dordogne Valley’s cities are a confluence of past and present, waiting to be explored and adored. Join us in a celebration of their enduring legacy and living traditions—your unforgettable journey through the heart of the Dordogne Valley starts here.