Beautiful stone houses, glorious churches and colourful markets... Three of many reasons to pop a few villages on your bucket list. Enjoy !

The Most Beautiful Villages in France

The Dordogne Valley has forever been a popular destination for both vacationers and wannabe expats searching for the perfect 'vie à la française' down South.
As hundreds of enchanting villages and peaceful hamlets have been left scattered along its rolling hills, chalky cliffs and fields of sunflowers, the Dordogne's beautiful sun-kissed countryside never fails to impress its visitors with its amazing cultural heritage.
Boasting a whopping 22 of 'The Most Beautiful Villages in France', the Dordogne Valley is the owner of some of the finest residential treasures in France.

Sleepy hamlets and stunning discoveries

With marked trails passing through most, exploring these charming villages on foot gives visitors the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the region's most impressive natural and cultural heritage.

But it's not just the classified villages that are worth the stop. If you're looking to do like the locals, set off down the back roads to explore the sleepy hamlets that offer only a few stone houses gathered around a tiny medieval church and an absolute cracker of a view.

Candles in the chapel


There's no denying that the jewel in the Dordogne Valley crown is Rocamadour! Whilst thousands flock to this vertical cliff-dwelling town for its historical interest, beautiful architecture and spectacular views, others like you and I write and read about it... Discover all about the sacred marvel and what's on this year's agenda!

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From its berry red walls and torrent of beautiful flowers to its rich heritage and 25 towers, visitors are sure to be won over by Collonges-la-Rouge and its promise of a ‘Kodak moment’ lurking around every corner...

Sarlat, town centre


Whilst Sarlat's fervent admirers wander around the medieval streets in awe, the appealing aromas of strawberries and cèpes drift through the colourful market and the humming of French chitchat from café terraces fills the air...

La Roque-Gageac
La Roque-Gageac on the Dordogne River

La Roque-Gageac

In the few hundred years since La Roque Gageac's heyday as a bustling port, the cliff-clinging village remains unchanged with its string of beautiful stone houses pocked to boot with a troglodyte fort...

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Street in Martel


Martel : A medieval village not to be missed. Truffles, restaurants, steam train rides and reptiles galore…

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Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne is a place where all of France's provincial delights are condensed into one: A quintessential French river lined with lush woodlands on one side and a stunning medieval market town on the other. What more could we ask for?

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Roofs of Carennac


Offering a satisfying ensemble of medieval and Renaissance façades, a multi-arched bridge and peaceful riverside picnic spots, Carennac is the place to be if you're looking for some laid-back village vibes in the Dordogne Valley...

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Views over the Dordogne Valley from Loubressac


The Dordogne Valley has its fair share of 'Villages in Bloom', but none could possibly be more flowery than Loubressac. Everything from its winding streets and peaceful squares are an exhilirating blaze of colour and perfectly match the village's lush views over the countryside.

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Curemonte at sunset


To step into Curemonte, with its medieval-era châteaux and quaint streets, is to be transported back to the Middle Ages. Renowned for its authenticity, this charming village is perfect for visitors in search of a whimsical afternoon of farmer's markets, fresh countryside and lots of history...



Picture a spell-binding huddle of medieval and Renaissance stone that's lorded over by almighty golden cliffs and a troglodyte castle... Welcome to Autoire!

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Explore the old narrow streets of Souillac with its famous abbey and Museum of Automata while stopping off for a bite to eat, a drink and a spot of shopping….



Argentat-sur-Dordogne : Picture perfect visit to an ancient river town, nestled in the heart of the Dordogne Valley.


Saint-Céré city centre


Saint-Céré is a stunning medieval town with excellent shops, restaurants, bars, cafés and a canal running through it.

The towers of Turenne


With the promise of a scenic drive around the Dordogne Valley's winding roads and a heart-thumping view of the hilltop castle on arrival, Turenne is one of those once-seen-never-forgotten villages that should feature on any visitor's bucket list.

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Beynac and the castle


One of ‘The Most Beautiful Villages of France’, on the banks of the Dordogne river, protected by the castle of Beynac above, a medieval treasure fit for a King.

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View of Domme


Domme has unrivalled views of the Dordogne Valley from a fortified medieval bastide village impeccably preserved…