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Markets, boutique and popular shops, excellent bars and restaurants continue to make Brive a central hub of the Dordogne Valley.

Vibrant and diverse

Brive-la-Gaillarde is one of the commercial and activities hubs of the Dordogne Valley. This small town of some 46 000 inhabitants punches above its weight with a plethora of boutiques and excellent shopping on offer. Frequented by locals far and wide for its gourmet eating, diverse sporting activities, going out and well-being beauty treatment centres it is waiting to be discovered by visitors to the region.

From decorative household objects, fashion and accessories to regional delicacies and artisanal crafts as well as a diverse range of clothes shops and those French wares that you can just not find at home.

Begin at the collegiate church, the medieval heart of the town which then fans out into pedestrianised streets in all directions. Take a stroll towards numerous boutique shops, cafés, restaurants, local markets and boutique and popular French clothing stores.

Gourmet eating, drinking and markets

Brive has a rich culinary heritage, offering an array of exceptional restaurant choices to satisfy every taste bud. To fully indulge in the local flavours, it is highly recommended to buy direct from the Denoix Distillery, Bellet Distillery, and Lamy Chocolate Factory, where you can discover, taste and purchase these high-quality artisanal products directly from the producers.

One of the town’s foodie highlights is the thriving Saturday morning market held under the Halle Georges Brassens. Here you can find an abundance of top-notch local delicacies at various stalls. This bustling market is immensely popular among locals, who flock to do their weekly shopping, from live chickens and fresh local vegetables to delectable meats.

Adjacent to the market, visitors can find excellent bars and restaurants frequented by locals and supporters of the CAB rugby team. It’s a common sight to witness them donning their team jerseys, enjoying a late morning aperitif while mentally preparing for the game later in the afternoon. The lively atmosphere adds to the charm of this delightful town.


Winter Foires Grasses

Look out for a unique experience during the winter months (December-March) as Brive has a long-standing tradition dating back to the 13th century of hosting traditional winter fairs called Foires Grasses (literally-‘fatty fairs’). These fairs specialise in the showcasing and sale of a variety of duck and geese products. These unique markets happen five times a year and provide visitors with the opportunity to indulge in the finest examples of this culinary delicacy.

Sports Crazy

Brive-la-Gaillarde is a town crazy about rugby. For the French, in large swathes of Southern France it is more popular than football. Brive has a team in the French national league and rugby has captured the heart of the town since the club’s creation in 1910. Despite the club’s small size, the proud supporters here are avid fans.

Now, at 19 dedicated hire stations in and around Brive, it is possible to hire and use electric bikes! For a pleasant cycle whilst discovering the town look out for the Vélibeo self-service pick up points.

Beyond rugby, Brive is the home to a rich variety of sporting disciplines. At the nearby lake – Lac de Causse –  rowing, triathlon, canoeing and water skiing are offered on the water and nearby dedicated mountain biking, running and orienteering circuits are offered on land.

For a round of golf, French style, head to the Brive golf course. Both technically challenging and beautiful to play on, its stunning natural setting is complemented by water bordering over half the greens which adds an extra element of complexity and beauty to the course.

Gaillarde Spirit- The Brive Festival

Good to know!

If you are visiting in the Summer months make sure to check out the Brive Festival. Happening every July, it is one of the major urban festivals in the area. Drawing thousands of music lovers, the four-day festival offers up a diverse line-up of modern tunes and performances from various artists, catering to different musical tastes. Bringing with it summer vibes, modern tunes and a vibrant and festive atmosphere near the centre of the city.

Fascinating Histories

Brive-la-Gaillarde has a long history dating back to the medieval ages. Be sure to visit the renowned 16th century Labenche Museum of Art and History the highlight of which is the collection of magnificent tapestries.

The Museum of Resistance and Deportation also makes for a fascinating visit detailing the story of one of Brive’s most famous sons –  the former government minister and Resistance fighter – Edmond Michelet. Regional leader of the French Resistance against Nazi occupation during the Second World War he was eventually captured and deported to Dachau. Incredibly he survived this infamous concentration camp to later become a leading politician and advocate of social and civil liberties in France.

The Denoix Distillery

Must visit, must taste!

Based in the centre of Brive, this fourth generation family run artisanal distillery has been using the same distilling techniques since its creation in 1839.

Internationally recognised, it has over 20 lines of liqueurs. They also offer guided tours of their distillery process and better still a tasting session introducing the uninitiated to some of the classics of their range.

In their beautiful distillery shop, with rows of bottles adorning the shelves behind the elegant long wooden bar, you can try their famous walnut liqueur (the Quinquinoix) or for gin lovers an interesting French twist with the Le Gignac Sec 40°.